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Nepal. Extreme enduro tour to
the Kingdom of Mustang
12 days

Starts and ends in Kathmandu
Jumps on a motorcycle, riding in the shadows of highest mountains on Earth, overcoming rivers - lots of fun!
Next tour is in October, 2016

Nepal. Forgotten Kingdom Lo
12 days

About this area on the border of Nepal and Tibet goes so many legends that are sometimes hard to believe that it really exists. Very rare foreign travelers visited this place. Soon we will present you our new tour there.

Nepal. The Kingdom of Mustang and
Chitwan National Park
12 days

Starts and ends in Kathmandu
Distance 1070 km (665 miles)
Highlights: 7000-8000 m (22966 ft – 26247 ft) high peaks, mountain streams and rivers crossing, elephants, rhinoceros, crocodiles


We offer:


We strive to make your riding safe without prejudice to joy

New motorcycles

Created by professional athletes and engineers for use on tough off-road of the Himalayas

Breathtaking routes

Making your adventure memorable is a matter of concern to us. That is why we plan the most compelling expedition itineraries

Exceptional tour leaders

We recruit and train our guides with great care as we entrust them with the greatest values we have – your safety and lifetime impressions


Pleasant surprises are waiting for you on every route. You will never be bored

Cozy hotels

We carefully select the best available hotels with comfortable rooms and a variety of delicious cuisine

32 456 km

(20 167 miles)

3895 liters

of petrol
used up

192 persons

had a ride with us



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